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El-ROWAD was founded with a group of engineers 
pioneer Egyptians who specialize in technology of manufacturing and processing garments , And they have a sincere and serious desire, to the enrichment of national development programs Sustainable, and in cooperation with advanced foreign expertise. This be done through the state legislative framework and without any claim government support Material or career.
We are working in the area of import, export and distribution machines garment factories Ready.

We have identified the pioneer of the same principles laid down by six since its inception and is working hard to try on the ground, namely:

First: - contributing to solving the problems of production free of charge.

Second: - provide advice to applicants honest and trustworthy.

Third: - non-profit first.

Fourth: - followed supplies of energy production - even after the end of life - to support the continued efficiency.

Fifth: - committed to after-sales service without a contract.

Sixth: - contribute to the preparation of a generation of Egyptian workers trained on the latest advanced technology in production of garments - industrialized and equipped - through their continuous training abroad.

 El-ROWAD have succeeded, and proved its superiority in supporting the garment industry - especially for export - for all industrial free zones in the country of Egypt. Where provided for these plants - and to the extent required and timely - most advanced production capacity, also provided them an entire generation of pharmaceutical chemicals needed for processing and dyeing and processing of fabrics and clothes before and after manufacturing.

 Thus, El-ROWAD has promised fulfilled - including those submitted by the Egyptian industry exclusive - the ability to compete in the markets unique global competition.

  El-ROWAD its approach and this always remain in the service of their clients, in support of national development and sustainable integrated, in collaboration with its latest advanced foreign expertise in the production and export of garments.

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